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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

Imagine a business that always stays ahead of market changes, anticipates customer desires, and forecasts faster and more accurately than competitors. This intelligent business knows what is happening and why it is happening and prescribes the best decisions to make.

We at Stride Solutions, utilise the full potential of cutting-edge technologies, like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intellience (AI) while offering consulting and development services to small, medium and corporate private and pub sector organisaitons. Our smart solutions and services enable businesses to gain an edge over their competitors in their respective industries.

We specialize at providing Natural Language Processing (NLP), predicting analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Image Processing and Analysis, Machine learning, deep learning, data mining, marketing personalization, data sciences, e-commerce AI, business consulting and other advanced AI/ML services.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

Deep Learning

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is an artificial intelligence function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI) that has networks capable of learning unsupervised from data that is unstructured or unlabeled. Also known as deep neural learning or deep neural network.

How Deep Learning Works?

Deep learning has evolved hand-in-hand with the digital era, which has brought about an explosion of data in all forms and from every region of the world. This data, known simply as big data, is drawn from sources like social media, internet search engines, e-commerce platforms, and online cinemas, among others. This enormous amount of data is readily accessible and can be shared through fintech applications like cloud computing.

However, the data, which normally is unstructured, is so vast that it could take decades for humans to comprehend it and extract relevant information. Companies realize the incredible potential that can result from unraveling this wealth of information and are increasingly adapting to AI systems for automated support.

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Machine Learning

Today, Artificial Intelligence is being applied in more and more applications across industries. AI is mostly used to automate various tasks which can include moving machinery or even finding hidden patterns within data.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) which provides computer systems with the ability to autonomously learn and improve themselves using observation without having been programmed to do so. It has become one of the most significant technological developments in recent history. Machine Learning allows computers to learn automatically without the need for human intervention or assistance, and react to situations accordingly. This increases efficiency and ensures an improved user experience.

How does Machine Learning Works?

Every time a customer interacts with the AI, it analyses the person’s actions and behavioral pattern and remembers it. The AI will then use that information to make it easier for the customer the next time he/she uses it. This, in turn, helps companies in identifying patterns across extensive amounts of customer and user data and target audiences which are most likely to buy their products or services.

We at Stride IT Solutions can build powerful unsupervised/supervised algorithms to automate your processes, minimize human invention, increase operation speed, reduce errors, decrease cost, assure timeliness and boost reliability.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computing systems that perform tasks normally considered within the realm of human decision making. These software-driven systems and intelligent agents incorporate advanced data analytics and Big Data applications. AI systems leverage this knowledge repository to make decisions and take actions that approximate cognitive functions, including learning and problem solving.

We craft powerful and innovative AI solutions with our software, mobile and web development expertise. Potent at decision-making and problem-solving, our intelligent AI software/products help you work faster, at lower costs and without errors.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing helps computers communicate with humans in their own language and scales other language-related tasks. For example, NLP makes it possible for computers to read text, hear speech, interpret it, measure sentiment and determine which parts are important.

Today’s machines can analyze more language-based data than humans, without fatigue and in a consistent, unbiased way. Considering the staggering amount of unstructured data that’s generated every day, from medical records to social media, automation will be critical to fully analyze text and speech data efficiently.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers understand, interpret and manipulate human language. NLP draws from many disciplines, including computer science and computational linguistics, in its pursuit to fill the gap between human communication and computer understanding.

How does Natural Language Processing work?

Natural language processing includes many different techniques for interpreting human language, ranging from statistical and machine learning methods to rules-based and algorithmic approaches. We need a broad array of approaches because the text- and voice-based data varies widely, as do the practical applications.

Basic NLP tasks include tokenization and parsing, lemmatization/stemming, part-of-speech tagging, language detection and identification of semantic relationships. If you ever diagramed sentences in grade school, you’ve done these tasks manually before.

In general terms, NLP tasks break down language into shorter, elemental pieces, try to understand relationships between the pieces and explore how the pieces work together to create meaning.

These underlying tasks are often used in higher-level NLP capabilities, such as:

  • Content categorization. A linguistic-based document summary, including search and indexing, content alerts and duplication detection.
  • Topic discovery and modeling. Accurately capture the meaning and themes in text collections, and apply advanced analytics to text, like optimization and forecasting.
  • Contextual extraction. Automatically pull structured information from text-based sources.
  • Sentiment analysis. Identifying the mood or subjective opinions within large amounts of text, including average sentiment and opinion mining.
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion. Transforming voice commands into written text, and vice versa.
  • Document summarization. Automatically generating synopses of large bodies of text.
  • Machine translation. Automatic translation of text or speech from one language to another.

In all these cases, the overarching goal is to take raw language input and use linguistics and algorithms to transform or enrich the text in such a way that it delivers greater value.

We at Stride IT Solutions provide top-notch quality Natural Language Processing services through our cutting-edge AI tools. We help you in extracting, processing, analyzing and understanding structured data to fetch insightful information from it. NLP can help you in training chatbots, BI, analytics and more.

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