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Software Installation

Software installation and set-up for Windows, Linux, Mac computers and Android and iOS smartphones.

Our technicians can install and set-up simple and complicated software ready for you. If you don’t have the software, let us know what you need to do, we can provide it for you.

We can also provide software to:

  • Increase security for safety against viruses and protect your personal data whilst surfing the web.
  • Remaining anonymous while browsing the web and stop advertiser targeting you.
  • Adblockers to get rid of annoying adverts.
  • Device clean-up utilities to keep clean up and boost your device performance.
  • Get around filters and access content unavailable in your region.
  • Install Office programmes such as Microsoft Office and other productivity software.
  • Install any other specialised software such as financial, educational, engineering, etc. (unless provided, there may be a license fee for the software).

Our services can be delivered remotely and/or in person by our technicians. Get in touch with your issues and let us know your preference.

If your issue is not mentioned above, please get in contact us and a specialist will get in touch with you.